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We offer the timely completion of projects requiring the cutting and attaching of fabrics, textiles, vinyl, veneers, leather and suede, and plastics. We work hard to create presentation materials to effectively showcase our customers’ products. Depending on the project, our function can include cutting and attaching swatches to printed materials, collating, packing, and shipping completed samples to the customer or end user.

Our ability extends to providing handwork and assembly services to customers needing products assembled and packaged, labeled, glued, attached or drilled.

Depending on our customers’ needs we will perform one or more of the following:

Project Design – We can help with every stage of product design. We design and print swatch cards, swatch brochures, fabric sample ring sets, apparel sample ring displays, and swatch headers all with your needs in mind.

Cutting and Attaching Swatches – Our layout and cutting techniques result in minimal fabric waste. Swatches are attached to swatch card displays using special glues, adhesives, staples, grommets, screws and posts, headers, or other methods.

Labeling – We apply thousands of labels each year to fabrics and printed materials. We will attach customer-provided labels or those that we produce.

“Our company is a leader in custom clothing manufacturing. I continue to enjoy working with Swatch Services Mid-Atlantic's long-time employees, as I have for over two decades. They have produced millions of swatches over the years that allow our national sales force to present our fabrics in a professional manner. Swatch Services Mid-Atlantic has never let me down when my deadlines count. Thank you for your personal service!”

Merchandising Leader, Custom Clothing Manufacturer

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